The world’s smallest LED will be 3 atoms thick!


By Kalpana Sharma So you think you already know how small LEDs can get? It’s time to get a reality check. The smallest LED that you probably heard about last is all set to shrink further. The world’s smallest LED will be 3 atoms thick! The miniscule LED has been[…]

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Paragon Eliminates Failure Rate


Several years ago a potential customer contacted Paragon regarding a large wire harness that was responsible for $15K to $20K per month due to the component’s failure rate and volume of service calls. Paragon reviewed the assembly and determined the issue was not the supplier of the harness it was[…]

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Dupont Encapsulation Guide


Introduction Electrical coils and components have for some time been encapsulated or potted with thermosets for protection from operating environments and to provide electrical insulation and thermal dissipation. With their good electrical properties, mould flow characteristics, and low cost, thermosets such as epoxies, phenolics, and thermoset polyesters were until recently[…]

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