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Wire & Cable Assembly, Box Builds, Molding / Over-Molding


Paragon Manufacturing Corp is a build-to-print contract-manufacturer of custom, electrical cable, & wire-harness assemblies, electro-mechanical assemblies, and turnkey (complete product) box builds. Our comprehensive experience will support your project from the design phase to full-scale production. We provide optimally designed, expertly constructed, quality products through simple and clear communication, ongoing design optimizations, quick turn options, and a certified quality process.

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To set the example for quality manufacturing

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DUNS: 156880358


Primary NAICS: 334419 - Other Electronic Component Manufacturing

Secondary NAICS: 332618


Paragon Manufacturing Corp is a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and provides design-build services and specializes in comprehensive assembly services spanning all aspects of electro-mechanical design. Services include prototyping, harness assembly, complete product assembly, molding, encapsulation, potting, and conformal coating services. We also offer engineering support with a focus on design optimization, quality assurance, and cost reduction. Paragon Manufacturing Corp

Core Competencies


Paragon Manufacturing Corp offers UL recognized, RoHS compliant, FDA registered, J-STD-certified team members on site. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and have decades of experience in our industry. Our company size and experience allows us to serve customers with simple to exceptionally complex jobs with a personal touch. Paragon's custom manufacturing control system provides real-time data for inventory tracking and production scheduling. Near JBLM/NBK/NAS. DPAS customer experience.


Wire & Cable Harness Assembly

Paragon Manufacturing Corp is a build-to-print manufacturer who's specialty is wire and cable harness manufacturing.

We employee a team for our Cable and Harness group that has the specialized skills required for building wire and cable harnesses

Complete Product Assembly

Paragon Manufacturing Corp is a build-to-print manufacturer who is built for product assembly builds.

We have a team assigned to build complete product assemblies, from the simple to the complex.


Paragon's Senior Engineering Team can develop your prototype: from an uncomplicated two-wire harness to an exceptionally complex complete build.
Engineering assistance customized to meet your needs, from support engineering to the complete design of your prototype.
Ongoing design optimization – continuous improvement as your project develops.

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