Paragon Manufacturing Corporation is a service company that provides design, manufacturing, cable assemblies, box build services and electronics assembly in the medical, industrial, off shore, automotive and aerospace industries.

Working with Paragon is like having a partner that always strives to reach the next level of quality and improvement.
We love finding ways we can manufacture products more elegantly, less expensively and faster. Contact Paragon for a quote.

Design Optimization
Paragon can quote to your spec or return a quote with design optimization – building on your plans while delivering substantial material and labor savings.

Utilizing vast resources and vendor relationships, Paragon has access to hard to find components. We select and procure only the finest components to ensure the highest level of reliability and quality.

Real Time Tracking
Paragon has developed and implemented a proprietary production tracking system that delivers instant data regarding changes in materials, schedule and other factors.

Cable Assembly
Paragon’s foundation is high mix, low and medium volume cable assembly. Our success is built on years of experience in the industry and advanced production techniques producing cost savings and repeatable quality.

Paragon fully tests every assembly for opens and shorts and correct component polarization to verify complete accuracy of wiring. Using state of the art testing equipment insures that we stays current with industry standards.

Quality Control
Paragon guarantees the quality of each assembly through a comprehensive documented quality inspection process. Insuring every assembly is built to print, meets customer requirements, and/or IPC 620 wire harness standards.

Paragon carefully packages and labels each assembly to assist in safe delivery to our customers.

Over Molding
Paragon offers a low pressure, low temperature molding process. Using polyamide or polyolefin thermoplastic compounds, we can over mold products that conventional molding processes would damage or destroy. Not only can we mold back shells and strain reliefs, but we can mold directly over most circuits boards without damaging sensitive components or delicate wires or leads. Innovative companies rely on our expertise to environmentally seal their circuit boards – practically eliminating breakage.